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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes our Enrolled Agent Exam Preparation System Unique?
Our enrolled agent material is more affordable than our competitors, but still offers high quality material.  Written by a long-time Enrolled Agent who is now a CPA, the study guide and online questions help you learn what is most important as you prepare for the exam. With complete explanations and links to IRS material, the system provides all the information needed to pass the exam on the first try.

What is included in a EA Exam Study Package?
EA Exam Study Guide
Unlimited Access to EA Exam Online Study Questions
Unlimited Access to EA Exam Practice Tests

Tell me more about the EA Exam Study Guides
The EA Exam Study Guides are provided to students in an immediately available PDF format.  Drawn mainly from actual IRS material, the guides cover the topics included in the IRS Examination Content Outlines.  

Tell me more about the EA Online Study Questions and EA Exam Practice Tests
Both the EA Exam Online Study Questions and EA Exam Practice Tests provide a selection of online questions that students use to prepare for the exam.  They are both drawn from the same pool of more than 1,000 questions.

The online questions are designed as follows:
  1. Student reads question.
  2. Student answers question.
  3. Student is advised if they answered the question correctly, and the correct answer is provided if necessary.
  4. Student is provided with a full explanation to the correct answer.

EA Exam Online Study Questions present 25 questions for each attempt.  Explanations are provided immediately after each question.  These questions help students understand the material.

EA Exam Practice Tests consist of 100 questions for each attempt.  Explanations are not provided until all questions have been answered.  These tests simulate the actual exam experience.

Click a link to sample EA Exam Online Study Questions  or a EA Exam Practice Test .
  • Instant feedback…as soon as you finish a section you can obtain your results that shows the questions you have mastered and which you need to spend more time on
  • Mobile friendly. Access from your home computer, your tablet, or even your phone

  • Materials designed by experienced professionals who have earned the Enrolled Agent designation
  • Become an enrolled agent with our training course ​​
  • Study questions are designed with wording that is very similar to what you will encounter during the IRS exam
  • ​Updated to reflect tax law changes
  • Delivered instantly upon purchase.  Start studying right away.
  • 1,000+ questions chosen to align with test specifications or that were used on a prior year exam.

Our Guarantees To You​​

​ The success and satisfaction of our customers is important to us.  To help assure customer satisfaction,  our Enrolled Agent Exam preparation material comes with several relevant guarantees:
  1. Satisfaction Guarantee
  2. Exam Success Assistance
  3. Renewal Guarantee

 Satisfaction Guarantee:
 We guarantee your satisfaction.  If you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund if you notify us within 30 days of purchase.

 Exam Success Assistance:
 If you take any part of the Enrolled Agent Exam and do not pass that part, we will meet with you on the  phone for up to one hour to discuss your exam diagnostic report.  This applies to each part separately.    You will need to send us an electronic version of the report prior to the meeting.  The request for exam  success assistance must be made within two months of taking and not passing the exam part.

 Renewal Guarantee:
​​ We update our exam preparation material every year.  As our customer, you are entitled to free updates  for the next testing season.  For example, if you purchase the version for May 1, 2017 to February 28,  2018, you are entitled to a free update of the version for the next testing season (May 1, 2018 to February  28, 2019).
 To contact us regarding any of these guarantees, please write us at wsmit56@gmail.com.
Tax Preparer Learning Systems, LLC offerings include:​

Prepare to pass the Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) by using our Study Guides, online Exam Study Modules, and unlimited online Practice Tests.

Designed to help you pass on your first try, our study system is easy to use, is affordable, and can be accessed whereever you are with our mobile technology.

Study modules provide instant feedback, so that you can assess your progress each step of the way.

All material has been updated for the 2017-18 testing period. Let us help you prepare for the EA Exam.


Participate in the IRS Annual Filing Season Program by taking the required amount of continuing education.

Professionally written courses.  Choose the AFSP package that fits you the best. 

Coursework is available immediately upon ordering.  Take online tests to earn your needed credits.  

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