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Enrolled Agent Basics

How to Become an Enrolled Agent:

  • Obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) (if you do not already have one).
  • Schedule an appointment online at www.prometric.com/see or 800-306-3926 and pay to take the enrolled agent exam.
  • Prepare for the enrolled agent exam. (SEE)
  • Bring the required identification to the test center and take the scheduled EA exam.
  • Upon successfully passing all three parts of the examination, complete the IRS Application for Enrollment to Practice Before the Internal Revenue Service (Form 23).

The EA Exam


The SEE’s are closed book, meaning that you cannot have any reference material with you during the EA exam.

Examinations are administered by computer at Prometric test centers. Test centers are located in most major metropolitan areas.

You will be able to use an onscreen calculator during the enrolled agent exam. Prometric will provide you a handheld calculator to use during the examination. You are not allowed to bring your own calculator to the test center.

You will be provided with a packet of scratch paper and a pencil to use during the enrolled agent exam. You may not bring your own scratch paper or pencil.

A separate testing fee for the enrolled agent exam applies for each attempt at each part of the exam. Testing fees are generally not refundable or transferable.

Enrolled Agent Exam Pass Rates

Enrolled Agent examination results for individual candidates are not publicly available. Test scores are confidential and are revealed only to the test candidate and the IRS. For this reason, we cannot be sure which students have taken the exam, if they used only our material or other packages as well, and test results. This is true for us, but also for others. Before purchasing a test prep package based on “pass rates”, we encourage you to know how data was collected and how the rate was calculated. We publish official pass rates that are a year or two old, and they are shown below.

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At Tax Preparer Learning Systems, our mission is to maximize your investment of precious time and hard-earned money as you journey through the process of becoming an enrolled agent. Take the guesswork out of preparing yourself for the IRS Enrolled Agent examination (also known as the Special Enrollment Examination or SEE’s) with Tax Preparer Learning Systems’ complete enrolled agent SEE exam study system.

The Tax Preparer Learning Systems, LLC EA Exam Prep Course

The Tax Preparer Learning Systems, LLC Enrolled Agent Exam study system is an effective and efficient way to study for the Enrolled Agent Exam (also known as the Special Enrollment Examination). The system consists of 1,500 thoroughly researched online questions. Each question contains a complete analysis of the question and correct answer. We feel there is no better way to study than using questions that will be similar (but not the same) as the questions you will see on the EA exam. Beyond the questions, the most important thing to consider is to fully study not only the answers but the EXPLANATIONS. It is within the explanations that you will find the key to passing the exam.

The 1,500 questions are made up of the following questions per part of the examination:

Part 1 – Individuals (500 questions)

Part 2 – Businesses (600 questions)

Part 3 – Representation, Practices and Procedures (400 questions)

Some Enrolled Agent training materials contain a full variety of ways to study and provide enormous amounts of material. For some test candidates, that is the best way to study to become an Enrolled Agent. We have taken a different approach. First, we assume that an affordable option is needed for many test candidates. Secondly, we assume that many test candidates do not have unlimited time to study. 

The price is $99.99 for our complete system of 1,500 online questions. Each question contains a full explanation to help you comprehend the correct answer, but also the background information that will be critical to success at test time. Being online, the study system is available immediately after purchase.

The Tax Preparer Learning Systems, LLC EA Exam Prep course will help you pass the exam on the first try and will be worth your investment of $99.99. Give us a try – you will be glad you did.

What Our Customers Say

I just wanted to thank you for the great review product you put out for the EA exam. I used your enrolled agent exam prep system exclusively in order to study for the SEE’s/ EA exam and I passed all three parts, on the first try and in under 30 days! Your practice quizzes and tests are extremely affordable and exactly like the EA exam. They more than prepare the student for the real deal. I’d recommend you to anyone thinking of taking the EA exam.

- J.L.

Your enrolled agent course review material is by far the best out there and I’ve purchased most of them trying to find one that will prepare me. Yours is the best by far! As a future Enrolled Agent, I will refer everyone who is studying for the EA exam to your material! Great job!!

- J.A.

I am very glad I found your program. So many others are several hundreds more and would only produce the same results. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to afford the assistance I needed to pass the SEE’s.

- D.S.

I would like to thank you for your excellent EA certification training guides for the enrolled agent exam. The enrolled agent study guide was in depth and all encompassing, and the online practice quizzes and tests helped me to identify areas where improvement was needed. The test questions dealing with calculations really helped me excel on my SEE exam where math was involved. And above all, the price didn’t break my bank account! I would highly recommend it!

- R.K.